Richard T. Broderick, A.I.A.



Thanks for visiting the website of North Sound Architecture. My name is Richard Broderick, architect and principal of NSA.

I’ve been a resident of Anacortes since the 90s and a Registered Architect and member of the local Northwest and national chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for over three decades.

During my career, I’ve assumed some diverse and challenging roles as an architect:   a designer with the Smithsonian,  an overseas project manager, and the director of a large urban design and construction office. (Resume)

My greatest satisfaction though comes from my continuing role as architect of residential and small commercial projects. The process is more constructive, the owner-designer collaboration more intimate, and the results more rewarding.

I choose the studio name of North Sound Architecture because all of my designs are inspired first and foremost by our lovely and unique water-centric environment.  A good design must achieve and blend two things: to reflect the Owner’s needs and desired lifestyle, and to draw from and respect the building site. We’ re truly fortunate here in the “Northwest of the Northwest” that we can benefit from this great natural bounty to enhance our architecture.

Style wise, I would characterize my designs as simple, elegant, geometric, colorful, spatially conservative, and a bit playful, with a strong reliance on indigenous Northwest building materials, techniques and design motifs.

Please explore the “Featured Projects” tab for a visual tour of some representative work. And also consult the “Services & Approach“ tab for a discussion on how the client/architect relationship is conducted.

Thank you for visiting


Richard T. Broderick, A.I.A.

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